New Study from Ninja Reveals That Two Thirds of Americans Enjoy Being Outside but Do Not Describe Themselves as “Outdoorsy”

No Matter if You’re “Outdoorsy” or “Outsidey,” Ninja® Outdoors is Here to Make Every Experience Better

May 24, 2024 – This summer, SharkNinja, Inc. (NYSE: SN), a global product design and technology company, is helping consumers elevate their outdoor experience with its dynamic outdoor portfolio all while helping them understand if they are more “outdoorsy” or “outsidey”. Whether you’re turning up the grill, tailgating, hitting the trails, or basking in the sun, Ninja knows everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to spending time outdoors.  

That’s why Ninja issued a nationwide survey to better understand today’s “outdoorsy vs. outsidey” archetypes. In this new study conducted by Ninja®, findings revealed that two thirds (63%) of Americans like being outside but do not describe themselves as “outdoorsy.” But what’s the key to unlocking the outdoor adventure? According to the survey, one-third of Americans pine for outdoor cooking appliances (34%) or dream of an outdoor kitchen (32%) to lure them into the great outdoors.  

Additional results from the study include: 

  • Younger Americans are more likely to describe themselves as “outdoorsy”, compared to Boomers (29% of Gen Z vs. 30% of Millennials vs. 18% of Gen X vs. 14% of Boomers).    
  • Americans (62%), especially Gen Z (68%), are more likely to participate in outdoor activities if cooking is involved. 
  • Gen Z (65%) and Millennials (58%) are also more likely to participate in outdoor activities if it’s a group activity (vs. 50% of Gen X and 40% of Boomers).     
  • Gen Z (32%) and Millennials (33%) are more likely to consider cooking/grilling outdoors an “outdoorsy” activity (vs. 27% of Gen X and 23% of Boomers).  
  • One-third of Americans would spend more time outside if they had outdoor cooking appliances (34%) or an outdoor kitchen (32%).       
  • 72% of Americans would rather BBQ/grill in their backyard than go camping (28%), while 54% would rather have a picnic in a park than go on a hike (46%).    

Ninja® is dedicated to helping consumers discover how they can make outdoor experiences more enjoyable, from a seasoned outdoorsy aficionado or a casual outsidey enthusiast Ninja outdoor products are ready for any adventure.  

Launched this spring, the new and first-of-its-kind Ninja FrostVault™ Hard Cooler brings innovation to the cooler category by offering premium ice retention and a cold dry storage drawer to keep foods separate, safe, and chilled. From backyard BBQs to gearing up for a fishing trip, or loading the car for a football tailgate, the Ninja FrostVault™ ensures refreshments stay chilled without the soggy aftermath. 

“Outdoor enjoyment is as diverse as the great outdoors itself. By grasping the nuances for ‘outdoorsy’ vs. ‘outsidey’, we’re better equipped to cater to our customers’ distinct lifestyles,” said Neil Shah, Chief Commercial Officer at SharkNinja. “We’re here to empower everyone with an array of products that will allow them to maximize their outdoor experience.”  

Among Ninja’s latest outdoor product offerings is also the Ninja Woodfire™ 8-in-1 Outdoor Oven and Ninja Woodfire™ Pro XL Outdoor Grill & Smoker. Experience a world of flavors right from your own backyard, and with worry-free BBQ smoking, users can achieve traditional smoky flavors without the flame or guesswork. To top it off, monitor your cooking live from the Ninja Pro Connect app so you can remotely operate your grill and receive real-time cooking status notifications. 

For more information on SharkNinja’s outdoor portfolio, please visit: outdoor 

Results from the “Outdoorsy vs. Outsidey” Survey were determined by an online survey of 1,178 nationally representative Americans fielded by YouGov on behalf of SharkNinja.