Product Positive

We are reimagining the product life cycle to extend product longevity and pursuing circular product design and sustainable packaging materials.

Innovative 5-Star Products That Improve
People’s Lives, Every Day.

We deploy a wide variety of tools to understand what consumers need today and will desire tomorrow. We constantly analyze consumers’ interactions with small home appliances and leverage consumer reviews across multiple platforms, which we refer to as our “always on” approach. In 2023, we engaged more than 250,000 consumers during our product development process. 

4.6 stars

Our global average product rating was 4.6 out of 5 stars.

4.4 stars

Consumers rated their satisfaction with SharkNinja Customer Service a 4.4 out of 5 stars on average.

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Circular Economy

Traditional linear production, consumption and disposal models are no longer sustainable. We’re reimagining the product life cycle to extend product longevity and designing products for refurbishment and recycling.



Our product design teams look to leverage lightweight components, require fewer parts and reduce manufacturing steps, which in turn helps to reduce costs and assembly times. 



Multifunctional products combine multiple appliances into one, using a singular motorized base with different attachments.  


Product Durability

We design products to meet our quality standards for performance and durability  


Product Repairability

Since 2019, we have refurbished 3.3 million units, giving more than 85% of our returned products a second life.



We design products for easy maintenance and are working to improve product repairability. 


  • Incorporate modular and repairability design requirements into new product development processes in 2024

  • Implement modular and repairability design requirements in five product categories in 2025
  • Expand the returns refurbishment program to Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in 2024 and to Nordic and Central Eastern European countries in 2025

Ninja Kitchen System™

Our Ninja Kitchen System™ pairs a single base with different attachments to serve as a blender, mixer and food-processor, alleviating the need to store multiple appliances.


We are committed to moving our business towards more sustainable packaging solutions, by reducing materials per product and replacing non-recyclable packaging with recyclable alternatives where possible. Our packaging is already 96% fiber based and recyclable and 75% is made from recycled content. In 2023 we adopted four sustainable packaging principles to drive additional improvements.

Our Sustainable Packaging Principles

Fit for purpose​

Protect product from factory to consumer.

Appeal to our consumers.

Responsibly sourced

Utilize wood, paper and pulp from FSC/PEFC (sustainable forestry) sources or made from recycled content.

Right sized​

Remove unnecessary packaging.

Avoid empty spaces.

Optimize palletization.


Design for recyclability – no EPS or plastic packaging.

Leverage water or plant based inks, or boards with less coating.

Include recycling logos on pack to help our customers make the right decisions.

2023 Packaging Use

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96% of our packaging by weight was fiber-based and fully recyclable.


75% of our packaging by weight was recycled content.


  • Remove EPS from Shark products in 2024
  • Remove EPS from 25% of Ninja units in 2025

Learn more about our Positive Impact Plan in SharkNinja's 2023 ESG Report