Planet Positive

We leverage our deep product development, engineering and operations expertise to create products that reduce our environmental impacts, and those of our OEM partners and suppliers. 

Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge facing our planet. We take our corporate responsibility seriously, working to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations and products.

Our Carbon Footprint

In 2023, we expanded our greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory beyond our own operations (Scopes 1 and 2) to analyze our value chain (Scope 3) emissions.

We found that our operations account for less than 1% of our footprint compared to 99% in our value chain.

The majority of our impact lies in two categories: consumer use of our products over their lifetimes at 60% and the materials used in our products at 36%.

We are investing in renewable electricity to reduce our operational impacts. To reduce the impact of our products, we are investigating lower carbon materials and energy-efficient technologies.

2023 Greenhouse Gas Inventory

1 Electricity emissions were calculated using the market-based method. Using the location-based method, resulting emissions are 2,483 MT CO2e


  • Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 42% in 2025

  • Achieve 100% renewable electricity (Scope 2) in 2025

  • Set a Scope 3 emissions goal in 2024

  • Conduct a climate risk assessment in 2024

Shark Detect Pro™

Our Shark Detect Pro™ Vacuum Cleaner has three different settings to allow users to optimize suction and power for maximum cleaning based on soil and dirt levels. The eco setting saves battery power while the boost setting maximizes the suction.
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Chemicals Safety​

Our product safety team works to ensure the use of chemicals in our products complies with all relevant regulations wherever our products are sold. Our global restricted substances list is maintained by a third-party certification company and aligns with the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) and other regulations. All suppliers are required to adhere to our restricted substances list and we test for certain restricted and regulated substances through an independent third-party laboratory.

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  • Utilize PFAS-free coatings in new cookware product line introductions (pots and pans) beginning in 2024

  • Transition production of heated products to PFAS-free food contact coatings in 2025

Learn more about our Positive Impact Plan in SharkNinja's 2023 ESG Report