SharkNinja Announces New Ninja SLUSHi™ Professional Frozen Drink Maker

The latest innovation from makers of the viral Ninja® CREAMi® lets users craft hassle-free, flavor-filled slushies at home

July 11, 2024 – SharkNinja, Inc. (NYSE: SN), a global product design and technology company and creator of the viral Ninja® CREAMI®, disrupts the frozen treat market once again with the launch of the new Ninja SLUSHi™ Professional Frozen Drink Maker. Now, kids and adults alike can enjoy their favorite slushies without leaving home thanks to the advanced technology of the Ninja SLUSHi™, bringing commercial-grade frozen beverages right to your kitchen. 

The Ninja SLUSHi™ promises expertly crafted frozen beverages in just 15 minutes¹, offering the flexibility to make individual servings or, with its XL capacity and refillable design, keep the beverages flowing at peak temperature and texture for up to 12 hours. By eliminating the need for ice, drinks are ALWAYS smooth and NEVER watered down. 

We are excited to introduce the new Ninja SLUSHi™ offering countless possibilities for creating hassle-free slushies, daiquiris, milkshakes, and more, every day of the year, at just the touch of a button. Our engineering team has developed a truly innovative machine that brings the power of professional-grade slushie machines to the home market.” 

Over 16 months, a global team of engineers worked to create an at-home slushie maker that rivals commercial machines found in resorts, restaurants, movie theaters, and convenience stores. This effort led to a core engineering team becoming experts in AC refrigeration, evolving the prototype through eight transformative builds to develop the Ninja SLUSHi™ launching today. 

Unlike other home machines that require ice, the Ninja SLUSHi™ relies on its innovative RapidChill technology to do the work. This extraordinarily simple two-part system freezes liquid evenly and maintains the optimal temperature, allowing users to create customized frozen drinks tailored to their preferred temperature, thickness, flavor, and consistency. 

The Ninja SLUSHi™ works in just a few quick steps. Simply pour liquid into the easy-fill container, select from one of five preset programs, and in as little as 15 minutes1, your perfect frozen concoction will be ready. After a day of fun, clean-up is quick and easy with the rinse cycle to flush out the machine or by placing its detachable parts in the dishwasher so it’s ready for the next batch.

With the freedom to customize, consumers can experiment with different liquids and flavor combinations to create their perfect frozen beverage. From morning coffee frappés and dinner frosé to party-ready margaritas and frozen lemonades, and from summertime favorites like watermelon and strawberry basil to classic soda-flavored slushies for movie nights year-round, the possibilities are endless.  

To help encourage consumer creativity and highlight the versatility of the Ninja SLUSHi™, the brand is launching a “Will It SLUSHi?” campaign in partnership with 26 influencers across micro, mid & macro tiers starting mid-July. Follow #NinjaSlushi on TikTok and Instagram for inspiration. 

¹Creating drinks in the Ninja SLUSHi™ can take 15-60 minutes depending on ingredients, volume and starting temperature. Must include sugar to slush.